Otto's History

Otto and Annie Sofka opened the doors to the Otto's in December 1950 off an old two-lane dirt road called Memorial Drive. Originally, Otto’s was a small grocery store selling mostly canned and boxed goods. They also sold 25 pound blocks of ice for 5 cents and farm fresh eggs for 13 cents per dozen. “Ms. Annie” began grilling hamburgers and making sandwiches at the request of some of her regular patrons. The hamburgers became so popular that within two years, Otto had replaced all of the groceries with tables and chairs to accommodate his dine-in guests.

In 1963, Otto and his family decided to “expand” by going into the barbecue business. Much like the hamburgers, the barbecue instantly became recognized as the best in town. Old family recipes, the finest and freshest ingredients and the patience and care to make everything from scratch, began the legacy that has been handed down to the third generation of this family owned and operated business.




Many things have changed over the past 50 years. One thing that has not changed, however, is Otto’s. We still grind our own hamburger patties fresh every day and slow cook our briskets in a hickory smoked barbecue pit for 18 hours.

We have had the pleasure of serving some very distinctive guests such as President George Bush, Liberace, George Foreman, Ron Howard, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Jerry Lewis, just to name a few. Our most valued guest, however, is YOU! So, if this is your first visit to our site, thank you and hope you dine with us soon! If you have been coming in for 40 or more years, (and there are many of you) we thank you for your loyal patronage and we hope you dine with us soon!